Joe Apfelbaum, CEO, Ajax Union, B2B Marketing, Author, Speaker

Scaling Up Services - 021 - Joe Apfelbaum

Joe Apfelbaum, CEO, Ajax Union, B2B Marketing, Author, Speaker

Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert and certified Google trainer. Joe is the Author of his new book High Energy Secrets, How he lost 95 pounds and has more energy than ever. When he is not Mojovating entrepreneurs at events and on social media he chills in Brooklyn with his Wife and 5 kids.

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[00:00:01] You're listening to scaling up services where we speak with entrepreneurs authors business experts and thought leaders to give you the knowledge and insights you need to scale your service based business faster and easier. And now here is your host Business Coach Bruce Eckfeldt.

[00:00:22] Everyone this is scaling up services. I'm respectful of your host. Today we're here with Joe Apfelbaum and Joe is our CEO Ajax Union.

[00:00:32] Now you may think that CEO stands for chief executive officer but it does not. Joe's chief energy officer we're going to find out more today. Joe welcome to the program.

[00:00:43] Oh thank you so much for having me here. I'm so excited to be here Bruce and congratulations on this awesome podcast. I love it.

[00:00:50] Thank you. Thank you. It's been a lot of flooding and it's great because I get to spend some time with people like you who have great stories great energy great things to say. So I was just sort of getting to know the person.

[00:01:04] You know we've known each other trio for for quite some time for her for the deaths here.

[00:01:09] What are you people essence of your personal background a little bit about the business. Did you get to where you are today.

[00:01:14] So my name is Joe Applebaum the name of our company is Ajax Union. We are a b to be digital marketing agency based in New York so we help service based businesses and business to business manufacturing companies and product businesses that are specifically selling to other businesses and have a high value product that have a sales team and they have a marketing team and they need something called sales enablement they need lead generation they need lead nurturing and funnel development. So most people that running their businesses in there are somewhat successful. They usually have the bottom of the funnel build out of the bottom of the final build out where people that are ready to buy they come to them. But all those leads that they're getting with people that are not ready to buy but need to be nurtured those leads are not being developed properly and missing out tons of opportunities that we develop the education based marketing on the top to get people to know you. The trust based marketing in the middle of the funnel got people to trust you. And then finally get them to like you and buy from you. So we have this whole digital marketing strategy. Three Steps Braza strategy as assets execution. And we run it and we executed for our B to be clients but we didn't see it that way.

[00:02:14] Where did you start to dream.

[00:02:15] I never understood the word entrepreneur I never really guy never like was something that was in my like purview. I studied to be a rabbi and then I got interested in computers once I graduated as a rabbi I said you know what. Let me go to this rabbi thing. I tried it out and I was zoned factory by computer examinee the technology became a rabbi in a technology place called Ask Mose's dotcom. Turns out people started paying me to do Web sites paying me to fix their computer. So I started a bunch of side puzzles that led me into if you build it they will come if you build it I build it for people. People that income. So I ended up having to market it. I became an expert and then eventually when I found my partner we said I came up with the idea to do as CEO for small businesses when CEO was hot and I tested it out with a bunch of clients. They loved it and we were able to service over 11 hundred clients be one of the fastest growing companies in America and scale up this business to 75 full time people at its peak and at some point I realized when you're servicing businesses 96 percent we know this has eow members 96 percent of businesses are doing less than a million dollars in annual sales. And that was my client base right. We were servicing small businesses that wanted Aecio just to be able to get to the top of Google. And we got people to the top of google the problem was they were still going out of business every few years. Most of my client base would be out of business. So what was I supposed to do. So I had to change my whole business model I scaled down my employee base sometimes you've got to scale down to scale.

[00:03:40] And what we decided to do is to focus on larger companies larger retainer as more midsize companies that could afford a few thousand dollars a month instead of a few hundred dollars a month and then we went deep servicing just a handful of clients and we completely change our business to move from 3 city and we just moved to Dombo and when I discovered recently what I discovered recently was that LinkedIn is the new CEO because since Microsoft pay twenty six billion dollars for LinkedIn they're changing it from just being an H.R. play where traditionally Illington made all its money off human resources of ads off things like that. Now it's going to become a content marketing play. They introduced articles a few years ago they introduced video over the past year. They enjoyed as the influencer platform the authority platform posts are now 3500 words you can have images on there it's very very powerful in the analytics you get a super super great. And with sales Navigator which is a brand new thing that they launched just not too long ago it's really really powerful the way that you could drill down to your research and be able to become an influencer and authorities and now we're offering the links in authority blueprint to businesses and we're kind of doing what we did back in the day.

[00:04:51] But we're doing it to the next level with a specific marketing strategy. When I started my business I didn't understand marketing strategy and execution guy. I went over to Dave kirpan when I met him and I met Dave Qurban for the first time and by the way I liked a lot of stuff from entrepreneurs organizations that let me tell you when I was there I remember if you met me the first time I walked in and I was 265 I do remember this. I was completely unaware. I was busy trying to get more clients and more clients and more Clydes more Glines and David kirpan saw me. He had 50 employees I had 75 ploys and he's like how are you doing. He had a healthy bottom line. I just had a healthy top line. You know as you can say physically and in business we're having a conversation and I said how many clients you have and he said 40 and I said What do you mean I've serviced over 11 hundred clients and he's like You're nuts crazy. And he introduced me to somebody in his board of a on his board on his advisory board that train 700 agencies a year to teach people how to properly create an agency. So I went to this guy seminar I met with him he was a coach and I started realizing that coach has actually had value.

[00:05:52] I was always the smartest person in the room and the dumbest CEOs are the ones that want to be the smartest ones in the room. And I was that dumb CEO that wanted to be the smartest person there are now the dumbest person in the room and I hire people that are smarter than me and I learned from coaches and I learned from consultants and I learned from their beds because I learned how to think and grow rich. I learned how to truly become wealthy not just having money because I made it with the money part but I didn't have the health and joy my business I was not a thought leader. I was watching all these people with books and podcasts and everything and I was too shy and too scared and I called myself a private person so to get where I am today we use this Mojo flying off the screen or you fall into your ears. This energy this enthusiasm this freedom this power came from me not just working on my business but work on my self and now I'm able to deliver this to other people and be able to give them the freedom to be able to give them the power that they need to be able to become an authority not just in their business and in their industry but also in their own life.

[00:06:54] Yeah I love the idea that you have to be kind of the dumbest person to throw yourself and much shorter people than you do you're going to be successful if you're going to get to the next level if you're going to grow your business. And you're growing and scaling yourself. I'm always serious. What did you have to give like when you when you went through the process. What were the things that you had to let go of. To sort of give them in terms of your thinking or your habits or behavior that allowed you to then make the next step because I think a lot of the times what I see people struggling with it's not about what do I need you to do but what do I need to stop doing. What you need a designer.

[00:07:33] Number one I need to stop saying things saying things like I know that already I know that already because I was the guy who was the master ideato that knew everything I have all the ideas I'm smarter than everybody else. I know that already is the death of the entrepreneur because he can say I know that already you're closed minded you have a fixed mindset you've got to have a growth mindset and no matter how many times you hear Jack Daly or any other speaker you have to listen intently. Now

[00:08:02] When I say be the smartest person in the room that doesn't mean hire somebody that has a Ph.D. in mathematical neuroscience which by the way I hire you runs my company she actually has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and she's the one that created the systems and processes. She's the one that implemented traction in our company. Once she had been on the action that was up for me. Yes hiring the smartest people in.

[00:08:26] But at the same time I still hire interns and I still hire people and I believe that with the growth mindset of eliminating the word of I know that already and really hearing every single person out become the dumbest person in the room don't say oh because this person comes from a background and is not as sharp as me or as witty as me.

[00:08:45] Find out how they are smarter than you. Every person is a little bit smarter than you whether they're a cashier or the president of a company whether they are a person who is stocking your if you have products in their stocking shelves they have something smart to share. Maybe they don't have the self-confidence to show you that because you haven't built them up to the degree where they can give you the value that you need to be able to really scale your service business. So you have to become the dumbest person. And that means you got to stop saying I know that already.

[00:09:16] That was really really big for me because it is actually puts a little twist on that it's not so much about being the dumbest person in the room as it's appreciating.

[00:09:24] If you really want to grow in scale you have to be open to new ideas. You have to be open to new ways of thinking and you have to surround yourself with diversity with this diversity of background experience culture thing a style all those things are truly perceptive to the options on the table so you don't get to dumb surely in intelligence but be curious and be open to surround yourself with lots of different things because that's going to give you more and more capability more hostility which is what you need to be able to kill and to be able to learn you need the opposite.

[00:09:58] So something like If you want to become a person who learns skills and skills of a computer programmer or the skills of SEO or the skills of web design.

[00:10:08] Often you have to basically block out trying to hear everybody else's opinions and you got to just focus on doing doing practicing doing doing doing so you need to act like the smartest person and just figure it out and troubleshoot. So and you can't keep hearing everything else you've got to just kind of go on an information diet and focus so to be a leader it's a little bit different. You've got to open up your mind that everybody's opinions. But I wasn't that leader always I was more of the doer. There was a difference between Ajax Union and my other seven businesses that I had to close down to run Ajax Union. It's because I had to go from being the doer to the alligator to the person who was the self-employed person to the person who had employees and needed to learn how to trust how to have the right strategy how to create the right systems. In 2013 my eyes opened and I wrote down this quote I said micromanage the process not the people and I was featured in the magazine. Lois likes of Warren Buffett with his quotes and with Steve Jobs they put me there as that quote. I was like oh my god I was crazy. And that's when I started getting confidence and putting my own thoughts out there and writing my own articles and having the courage of sharing my ideas publicly because till then I was like everyone already said this like I don't need to say this again in a different way and my own style. But the reality is if you're a if you're a thought leader if you lead with your thoughts someone will hate or thought leader because they're so smart they are so busy doing instead of leading. The key is to be able to lead and lead yourself first.

[00:11:39] So that's you know that's another idea of me taking myself because I think that's a really interesting one.

[00:11:46] You know you've got a great story around this this is what was the truest mission for you like in terms of going from trying to lead other people or lead the business or external things to really early on. How do you lead yourself. What were the questions you started asking and what the initiatives and what did you end up doing. How did that change your life.

[00:12:04] So if you follow your feelings your feelings will give you a hint as to what's going on in your life. So the key is to really follow how you feel and I if I really ask myself how I felt at that point in my life I felt trapped. I felt stuck. I felt frustrated. I felt lost I felt bored. I felt lonely. I felt like I wasn't making my ultimate contribution and often entrepreneurs. They have all the sevens. I wrote a book called average courtesy seven days and vigors and during the process I figured there were seven actual stages that I had to go through in order to go from average Joe to zero and the one that most entrepreneurs that are successful that are over a million dollars in annual sales they have lack purpose.

[00:12:46] Many times they lack purpose in their heart. They got to a place and I was that person I lacked major purpose in my life. My purpose was to make money which is not on purpose because you're not always going to be able to make money. I buy if you have a bottom line purpose. I believe that's not a real purpose. It has to be bigger than you. It has to be able to be massive so I had to really inspect myself and speaking to coaches by going to seminars by reading books and most importantly by journaling writing my thoughts down and analyzing how do I feel right now. That was a game changer because I never journaled I wasn't a writer. I don't know what I use to say about writing. I used to say I hire writers

[00:13:27] Writers and writers that work for me. But I don't write. It's also a limiting belief. When I started journal writing about self below many beliefs down and as a result of that I had certain self limiting feelings and those feelings that I had no feelings are just temporary feelings or state of being right now.

[00:13:48] How are you feeling now. How do you feel as a human being. But how are you feeling right now because your feeling changes based on your circumstance based on your thoughts based on your actions based on your focus based on your language. You get feelings that feel there and the question is how do you want to be feeling. Do you want to be as Tony Robbins puts did in a beautiful state and don't want to be in a beautiful state and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You don't want to be in a grumpy state. You don't want to be in a crappy state. You want to be a border state along the state of low vibrations that you want to get into a higher vibrations that you want to get into joy into playfulness and to freedom into power into vitality. What I call Mojo evasion mojo out there and to really be able to make that impact in the world in your family but you have to I had to get to a place called getting complete with me. Yeah this is very very important. Bentinck complete with me was probably the most important thing that I had to do in order to break free from the cage that I put myself in the cage that society put me in and I allowed them to continue to keep me in as little confined cage and when I got out of the cage when I opened the door and I saw how much light was available outside and I allowed the light to flow through me and I stop limiting I stop closing my heart stop running away from myself I stopped being that private prose and instead started sharing my stories with authenticity and power and freedom. My life completely changed.

[00:15:14] I'm curious what that was like instantaneous transformation for you.

[00:15:18] And you know what the before you are in the box the second after this. This is an ongoing process. You are right.

[00:15:27] Yeah it's a complete and total continuum it's kind of like you know back in the day they used to cut rocks to cut rocks no way that would cut rocks as they would use a pig a pig and they would use a really heavy piece of metal or a hammer and they would pay or use another rock and they would basically pick at the Rock and somebody once walked over to a person trying to cut a massive rock and he said how many bangs I'm writing a book on breaking rocks things does it take to break the rock. He's like I've been breaking rocks for the past 30 years I've been cutting rocks of the past 30 years.

[00:15:57] It takes somewhere between 1000 bangs and 10000 bangs to break the rock and that's how long it takes for you to get the epiphany. Once you get that epiphany you can see that once you see that you can't see it you don't see where it takes you banging the rock and reading books like How to Win Friends and Influence People reading books like The untethered so really wonderful.

[00:16:23] And like how to think and grow rich and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the miracle morning and like or reading my book high energy secrets really taking it in really taking it in and soaking it and allowing it to permeate you and that first thing that I said about eliminating the word of I know that already instead of am I doing it saying am I doing that and you're not doing it. You're not living it and if you're not living it you're not going to be complete and you're not going to feel the feelings that are high vibration feelings that make you feel more alive and that allow you to stay conscious.

[00:17:00] So how do you do it. Well one thing that I find with a lot of people that I work with is that they know stuff like this.

[00:17:08] They're not unaware they're not educated in the sense that they struggle with actually taking action and moving into a state of doing what are some of the techniques that you have used or what sort of thinking that you have used to come into that state of doing teaching he cheating if you are not teaching other people if you know everything and you have the secrets the keys to success and you are not.

[00:17:33] I'm not talking up preaching I'm tired about teaching because when you teach you end up having to live it as an example.

[00:17:40] I cannot I cannot sit in my house as a couch potato and eat total shit and not drink water and used ice to drink six Napoli's a day I can sit there like a couch potato drinking sugar and watching Netflix. If I'm going to preach this stop what I'm doing. Yeah. So the fact that I'm teaching allows me to stay in this purpose and out my purpose is to help 1000 hungry entrepreneurs go from frustration to motivation. And right now I have six hundred in my motivation group that are in that are happy.

[00:18:13] I started this year I was going to say what did you say. This was earlier this year. Yeah amazing.

[00:18:18] I like the idea that it's the way to move into the scene of action is to start doing other people around the idea start helping people with the knowledge with the skills that you have helping them apply them live in if you want something go give somebody else what you want.

[00:18:34] I always tell people if you want more money you know what you can do make other people money. How did Warren Buffett become the wealthiest person arguably or argue one of the top 10 wealthiest people in the world. How did he do it. He went and found other people how to make them money. He went with langur with all these people and he went to help other people make more money if you want ungodly amounts of money help other people make on godly amounts of money. You want more Happiness help other people find happiness. If you want a better fit body help other people get their body better fit. And guess what you're going to have to do along the way.

[00:19:15] There's of that aside here because I think one of the things that comes up a lot in this whole thing a lot of your professional services for of the is to talk about pricing or about do you know how do we come up with the figure of my you know my different levels. One of the ideas that I like to suggest approach is that it's not about cost. You look at the cost of time and energy that you put in. You know I say look the value that you create your pricing should be somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the value that you're creating for your client. So if you're trading for your client a hundred thousand dollars of value you should be able to price that at about ten to twenty thousand dollars. And it's that idea of like if you want to make money if you want to charge someone 10 20 thousand dollars go show them how to make a hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars and that's the way you're going to get the money for yourself 100 percent and the reason why I charge in our business we charge 180000 dollars a year average client pays 180000 the way.

[00:20:07] The reason we're able to charge that is because we're working with companies that are 10 to 100 million dollars in annual sales and we're able to produce for them millions of dollars in new revenue. So it makes sense for them to make this type of investment because they are why that they're getting now with the Linked In authority blueprint that we're launching we're going to be working with entrepreneurs with people that want to be authorities in their industry and for that the value we're going to get is you're probably going to get 100 to 200 thousand dollars worth of referrals over the next year. By doing that and for that we're going to charge 10 percent of that. So 100 percent. Yes. You need to charge 10 to 20 percent of the value that you're going to be giving. So people saying wow we're going to get a 10x out a no brainer.

[00:20:45] Just talk to me more about the legal blueprint I play with laded and you know for probably five maybe ten years now in different ways. I certainly certainly not seeking to change the platform just change the image conscious media there. What did you really notice about the your to focus a little platform and then you're doing. Give us some insight.

[00:21:09] So there are four different stages that people are in when it comes to using linked and other reason we focus on LinkedIn because we decided to go all in on B2B and we are going in all in on B2B we started focusing a lot heavily on LinkedIn for our clients and we started getting some really really great results making our Clynes authorities on LinkedIn using PO's and articles and media and all that stuff. And what we found is there are four types of entrepreneurs for types of sales directors for types of marketing professionals or coaches or people that are on LinkedIn. There's the person who is a technophobe he's on the bottom he doesn't know what his password is.

[00:21:40] He doesn't always log in. He did it update his profile photo.

[00:21:44] He's in debt because he doesn't have his bank password either.

[00:21:48] Totally lost he's calling his nephew to try to get him his password. He's not picking up because he's annoying and so he's totally stuck on the bottom and he's never he's not a person that we're going to be able to really help and needs to get a little more education a little more awareness and a little more self motivation. Maybe you need some therapy maybe. And so on that's what he needs on the bottom. Then there's that person all the way on the top.

[00:22:08] That person is the influencer. They are consistent. They have a team. They're executing they're coming out with an article every single month they're posting an image every Monday they have haven't a calendar of what they need to do.

[00:22:20] They already have 10000 followers on LinkedIn and they're executing like crazy. They built a whole business and they're doing really well they're probably taking home over twenty five thousand dollars a month and they're doing really really well in their own personal income. Their problem is they need to monetize their influence to the next level. Because speaking gigs and all that that's not a person that we're looking to help either. We're looking to help the people in the middle. There's a person who is kind of the dabbler which is right under the influence of the person right below the dabbler he's more of the lurkers and the lurker the lurker likes that watch. He's uncertain about what he's going to be delivering in terms of like he's already a great adviser or he knows the stuff he knows how to use LinkedIn. He's like uncertain about what to post what he needs is a marketing strategy. A step by step marketing strategy that will enable this person to identify number one is what is your goals. Who is your target market. What is the value adding What is their message. Is that all ironed out with a step by step blueprint that will help him be able to get to the next level and the dabbler the dabbler knows what to do.

[00:23:24] They know what to post the thing is they go in once in a while and they'll post a random article and I see a lot of dabblers on LinkedIn because the post an article once a year once every six months they'll get an attack and for ten days straight through the comment like oh yes but they're not consistent from what they need as a team to help them with consistency. Sure they have a strategy of their head but they want a documented strategy so they actually need a team. So we help the lurkers and the dabblers become influencers and that's really the process in how we do it is our three step process the first ep as a marketing strategy which includes your goals which includes your your strategy your target market and your value proposition and specifically are messaging to that target market. That's your strategy. The second one is your asset library. Most people don't have an asset like we help you create that asset libraries a combination of all your posts that you're going to be posting your articles your evergreen articles that will last forever.

[00:24:21] And then your media which includes your video your images your audio and getting all that organize into a library and then the third step is active promotion which includes a schedule of when you're going to be posting what. And you know like ideally what's going to be going out when organizing like again chart or we call it the blueprint and then actual posting with a checklist of how to post if you have a V.A. doing it or you have us doing it for you. Exactly what's going to be included in each post the hashtags you're going to be using and so on and so forth. And then the last part is reporting to make sure that you know you can improve what you don't measure. So you have to know what you're measuring and are you getting influence or people reaching out to you or people watching your profile views increasing.

[00:25:02] And our first step is to kind of have a strategy session with somebody in a 90 minute strategy session where we learn all about you all about your business we ask you all your questions we ask you to fill out a questionnaire. It's very organized. Once we take you through the 90 minute strategy process we spent about two weeks optimizing your profile dashboard blueprint for you with all your connections and how to connect with people and all that stuff and exactly are step by step blueprint that you need and then we do. After two weeks we do a 45 minute review call with you we can review the whole blueprint and this way you can either executed. But if you're a dabbler you probably want to get Azia executed for you and then we do a 90 day campaign where on a daily basis we're executing the blueprint for you which is writing three articles and posting every single day and getting those images created and maybe video or audio based on your or your strategy session we record the whole strategy session audio video so you have the whole strategy session it's yours alone even if you decide not to use as you can take that strategy session and the blueprint and hand it off to your team and have them execute so this is like a no brainer for somebody who wants to become an authority on LinkedIn.

[00:26:04] When you look at the results shows I'm always curious about that. I see the very strategies for development.

[00:26:10] How do you turn all that activity into actual results from a business leader generation point of view very simple if you have a goal if you have a goal a very specific goal and your goal is not clear you're not going to able to get results if your goal is to get more calls from people we help you be able to optimize your profile in a way where people can set up a call with you either through cowardly or however it is you. If you don't have a target market and you're not connecting with the right people and saying the right messages that will trigger those people you're not going to be able to get them to contact you.

[00:26:42] So you could see and also call to actions. So we specifically put call to actions that will be aligned with your goal and then you see those leads coming in and chances are if you're in a service based business or you're doing projects and you want to become an authority you probably will make over 100000 dollars a new referral income from this specific plan just from the first 90 days of work. But you know it's because people are not doing it. The average CEO has 930 connections on LinkedIn but the average person is not updating their LinkedIn at all. So you are and you have a thousand connections. You are the one of the only people that are going to be an authority for your own sphere of influence. Magine you have a thousand people. You know what I always tell people instead of having one viral video that gets a million views I would rather a thousand people see me a thousand times. Wouldn't you rather have as well. So they have a thousand connections you want those thousand connections to see you a thousand times. That's how you become an authority not by getting one video to get a million views a thousand times a thousand is much better than a million.

[00:27:40] You think some of this is a marketing and you're a stickler or actions out there around you know it takes X number of touches or X number of or X number of calls or emails or whatever before.

[00:27:52] So it actually takes action. Is this part of the year like we need to have continuous touches on the consistency that I heard.

[00:27:59] I heard a speaker say yesterday he said. He said In order for people to trust you they have to trust your consistency. So if they see that you're consistent they end up trusting you as a consistent person because they see that you're there consistently. Do people trust me and they hire me because of my consistency every Sunday for the past 200 weeks I've been sending an email and like at least two or three times a month I get a really big opportunity from the e-mail that I've been sending consistently for 200 weeks over 220 weeks I've been sending this e-mail out so people trust that consistency it doesn't work for people it's easy for people to it is like going to the gym.

[00:28:37] It's easy people go for a week or two weeks doing it every day for an extended period of time or even just once a week for an extended period of time. It's much harder.

[00:28:45] You know so I always say if you have a few hundred hours to spare get somebody to do it for you. The same thing with clearing up your clutter if you have a few hundred dollars get somebody to clear up your clutter if you have a few hundred dollars. Get somebody to manage your LinkedIn for you. We can do it for you for a few hundred dollars in a very systematic way of doing it now. And we have a very specific target market that we're going after people who want to say a hell yes to the plan versus doing we're not desperate for it. We have a waiting list.

[00:29:07] So if you're interested in finding out more information about it e-mail me Joe at Ajax Union dot com and let me know that you're interested in it. For me it's all about adding massive value if I can. Like you said 10 times value I want to add 10 to 100 times more value to somebody that's engaging with me even if it's in this podcast and somebody else does and now they have a strategy. But what I'm most passionate about is telling people my story about how I lost 95 pounds and I wrote a whole book about it. So if there's one thing that you can take away from this podcast I energy secrets and I give you the step by step process I was talking to Raj you know no mirage. He's amazing. And he came to my house and we sat down he was like Joe how did you do it. And I said I wrote down 90 pages is 80 friendly.

[00:29:50] And I basically told very sad how much water that you drink today said not enough. I said Are you eating bread sugar rice potatoes pasta flour yes you got to cut that out that creates fat in your body. And I said you have electrolytes but I don't have energy. I said energy is about electrolytes. Do you have enough water and enough electrolytes. Like what's an electrolyte. Like I said most people don't get electrolytes Powerade no power it's sugar. I want to do is figure out what that stuff is and I write about it in the book and I teach you how to fast I teach you how to do all the things including energy does come from food energy comes from your cells. And if your cells are clean and they have water and don't have and they are able to eliminate waste and they have oxygen because you need oxygen that's what will give you the energy. Dude I haven't eaten anything yet today and I'm freaking fire. Yeah I love it.

[00:30:40] It's early when we're recording this quarter early in the morning.

[00:30:43] So I was wondering how do I get a copy of the book.

[00:30:46] Yeah has search high energy secrets or just search Joe Apfelbaum. Brandon Webb wrote a book that has me in it as well as a by Brandon Webb's book as well.

[00:30:55] Awesome but I'll put a list of those on the show and I'll get your e-mail there on the show notes. So sure some of us question what is like. One thing that most people get wrong when they go to either Eddie Murphy in general elections specifically and you know the nation twice before doing number one is if you're not going to be consistent don't do it don't just randomly post something just a post.

[00:31:20] Be consistent have a plan you know like for example I'm doing the 10 day going to challenge and 10 minutes a day. You go deep with 10 people. And so it's ten minutes a day you find a person you go deep with them 10 minutes. And I wrote a whole article about it or ten tips in ten days. Try to do something for a sustained period of time instead of doing something just one time and forgetting about it do something for it like you know Tony Robbins at the end of his thing talks about a 10 day challenge or you so many influence I'm talking about don't do something for ten days try to do something for 10 days. You know because Ed by day three day four you're sick of it. You want to stop doing it. It was your idea. But if you can do something for ten day then you can do over another 10 days and then you get to another 10 days and eventually becomes a habit and then a habit is just part of your DNA is your programming you know to think about it's OK to create habits and you'll have a better life.

[00:32:07] This is awesome. I'm fired up and ready for my day. I thank you so much for the time. It's been a pleasure.

[00:32:13] Oh my gosh I had such a blast. And remember did

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